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Boxabl’s Just Announced a Second, 132,000 Square Foot Factory Is Here!

There’s no slowing down for Boxabl!

Photo by Jake Nebov on Unsplash

A few short months after finishing their first factory, Boxabl seems ready to start producing in their second factory, “Boxabl-2”. Now, there are plans to build a mega-factory with a price tag nearing $1 billion, which is what their current fundraising efforts are for, but that’s not this one. This is an expansion of sorts to their current factory, but it’s a different factory right across the road from their first factory. There’s a rather extensive layout of the whole deal that I will post below, but here’s a good layout to see what the current situation will look like:

If you’re trying to find this on Google maps, it doesn’t seem to be there, unfortunately. Here’s what I have been able to gather for reference, though:

The original Boxabl factory is off to the left, and the new Boxabl factory going up where the second red box to the right is As you can see in the above picture, this is built on a slant going parallel with Interstate 14 and building into a triangle at the top right. This is likely because they can’t build over East North Belt Rd, and that’s why I think this is the area for the Boxabl factory. Just to clarify, I believe the factory is already built, or close to being built, it’s just not updated on Google Maps, seeing that they only update every few years.


This factory is actually slightly smaller than their original factory. The original is sitting at a respectable 170,000 square feet in size, and this one is a bit over 133,000 square feet. This put them at a total of over 300,000 square feet of factory and could potentially double their output. Given that they are already producing about 2 Boxabls a day, and they said they have

plans to ramp up to at least 4 by the end of 2023, this could very well be those plans, but it’s unclear. They could have the ability to grow into 4 casitas a day with their original factory, and this is just a further expansion, but it’s all generally unclear. Nonetheless, it will definitely help meet the demands of their over 100,000 reservations.

When will this go into effect?

While there isn’t a clear start date on the lease, it’s likely to be soon. It says they can move in “thirty (30) days after substantial completion by Landlord of the Tenant Improvements included in Exhibit C, or (b) upon Tenant commencing operations within the Premises.”

So, it sounds like they’re finishing up construction and inspections, then Boxabl will begin moving in and building houses. Given how quickly Boxabl has been able to throw together a factory, I don’t see this as a multi-year move-in dragged out. The sooner they get the factory up and running, the quicker they can start fulfilling orders and producing revenue. This tells me they are probably going to move in as soon as possible.


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