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Thinking About Investing In Holly, The Startup Democratizing Hollywood?

Terrance Howard, investor in Holly

Investing in Holly is about delivering a disruptive solution to an age-old problem: Hollywood’s greed and corruption.

For too long, the entertainment industry has been a realm where power and opportunities were concentrated in the hands of a few. Many budding talents were overlooked, and numerous projects never saw the light of day, all due to a lack of access to essential resources and capital.

Now, the tables are turning. Social media content creators have evidenced the public's hunger for diverse content. The industry needs a solution that broadens the spectrum of what's available, and Holly is poised to be that solution. Holly recently launched a funding round open to the public which means anyone can invest in Holly for a limited time.

Invest Alongside Terrence Howard with Holly

Born from the profound insights and over 35 years of experience of Academy Award-nominated actor, singer-songwriter, and record producer, Terrence Howard, Holly is more than just a platform. It's a testament to addressing the industry's most pressing issues in the most fluid and comprehensive manner. Terrence, alongside his wife Mira Howard, brings unparalleled expertise to ensure the platform's offerings resonate with both talents and investors.

Why Invest in Holly?

Holly isn't just another entertainment platform; it's a transformative technology. It connects the dots between talent and the resources, capital, and networking opportunities they've been craving.

  • Collaboration & Discovery: From vibing with others' videos to becoming a fan or mentor, Holly offers myriad opportunities for users to engage. Talent can promote themselves, load demo reels, or even audition for roles directly in the app from anywhere.

  • Marketplace & Metrics: Beyond being a hub for talent discovery, Holly offers marketplace services encompassing casting, accounting, copyright, and more. For those looking for deeper insights, insider memberships grant access to talent databases, dashboards, and comprehensive metrics.

  • Engaging the Community: Holly isn't just about business. With weekly and monthly challenges, meme contests, and virtual live events, it keeps the community engaged and thriving.

How Holly Makes Money

Holly's sustainability isn't just based on its groundbreaking features but also on its robust monetization strategies:

  • Subscription fees for platform access.

  • Referral fees from third-party marketplace professionals.

  • Premium memberships for insider access.

  • Collaborations with major brand advertisers and sponsors.

  • Live and virtual event ticketing.

While Holly has a strong focus on its community, and making a change in Hollywood, this is an investment after all. With a myriad of monetization options, Holly looks to become a viable business on its path to democratizing Hollywood.

Is Holly a Good Investment?

Democratizing access to entertainment isn't just a buzzword for Holly; it's a mission. This platform invites everyone to partake in disrupting the mammoth $2 trillion global media and entertainment market. It offers a rare chance to not only invest in rising talent but also to engage with studio-quality content with just a click. It's an opportunity for backstage VIP experiences, making every member feel like a treasured part of the entertainment world.

Like many startups, Holly is looking to be a disruptor. Actor Terrence Howard will provide invaluable insight into how Hollywood functions, and how it needs to change. Between a strong founding team, and a plan to make it happen, Holly possesses a number of promising aspects for investors to consider.

How To Invest in Holly

Holly is more than just an investment; it's a revolution in entertainment.

Normally the opportunity to invest in private, pre-IPO companies like Holly is restricted to Wall Street elites and institutional investors. But true to Holly’s vision to democratize Hollywood, they’re opening the doors for anyone to invest in Holly.

You can buy Holly stock for $1 per share during their limited-time offering. You can even get bonus stock in Holly when you invest at certain levels. To learn more about the opportunity to invest in Holly, just click here.

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement for Holly (The Audition, Inc.), Reg CF offering. Please read the offering circular at Read full 17(b) disclosure here.


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