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Artificial Intelligence Is Now The #1 Industry In Equity Crowdfunding

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a cornerstone of technological advancement for years. Venture capital has recently begun dumping billions into the industry following the wildly successful release of ChatGPT and other OpenAI products. It has not only revolutionized sectors like healthcare, finance, and transportation but has also captured the imagination of investors in the equity crowdfunding space.

AI is even becoming a cornerstone of startup investing in the equity crowdfunding space as companies like use machine learning and other techniques to provide best-in-class data and analytics to equity crowdfunding investors. For example, The latest industry data by Hubtas reveals that AI now stands as the industry with the most startups launched in equity crowdfunding, overtaking sectors such as alcoholic beverages, clean tech, and retail.

The Data Speaks for Itself

The data provides a compelling snapshot of the industries currently in the spotlight within the equity crowdfunding ecosystem. The statistics reveal that Artificial Intelligence leads in the technology sector with 24 live companies. Hubtas's data reveals some interesting statistics about the industry including:

Artificial Intelligence Sector In Equity Crowdfunding Data:

  • Average Valuation: $27.0M

  • Average Price to Sales: 209.1X

  • Average Revenue Growth: 298.4%

What Makes AI So Appealing?

Given the data and backstory about the current macroeconomic environment, it's not hard to understand why AI is taking center stage.

High Revenue Growth

One of the most striking aspects is the average revenue growth, which stands at an impressive 298.4% for AI companies. This suggests that businesses in this sector are rapidly scaling and generating increasing revenues.

Technology Adoption

AI's ubiquity in various applications, from automating business processes to predictive analytics, makes it a highly versatile investment. This technological flexibility is reflected in the broad range of AI startups that are seeking crowdfunding.

Valuation and Future Potential

With an average valuation of $27.0 million, AI companies are not the most highly valued in the crowdfunding space—that title goes to portfolio management firms. However, the potential for future growth and profitability makes AI a very attractive option for investors.

Risk Factors

While AI leads in popularity, it's important to note certain risk elements. The average monthly burn rate of $229.0k indicates that these startups are consuming capital relatively quickly, and their average EPS stands at $-0.08. Investors should be aware that this is a high-risk, high-reward scenario.

Top AI Startups In Equity Crowdfunding

Hubtas provides investors with over 100 data points on every offering. Using these various metrics, it gives a number of objective scores based on this criteria, including an overall score. According to Hubtas's data and analytics, some of the startups with the top scores are:


As technology continues to evolve, AI seems poised to dominate not just conversations but investment portfolios as well. The surge in its popularity in the equity crowdfunding sector underscores the belief that AI holds the key to future technological breakthroughs. However, as with any investment, potential backers should undertake thorough due diligence to understand the inherent risks and rewards.


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