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Boxabl Skeptics Devastated As Startup Sees Success Because They 'Ran Out Of Stuff To Complain About'

In a devastating blow to Boxabl skeptics around the world, Boxabl recently announced that it continues to see growth and progress. This brutal news comes amid a wave of online trolls and "journalists" ramping up their efforts to defame and discredit the company online in recent months.

Boxabl is a prominent startup within the equity crowdfunding world. The startup creates factory-produced houses with the particularly repugnant goal of creating affordable housing for everyone. The startup is committed to helping solve the homelessness crisis, and give everyday people an option for an affordable and scalable housing solution.

Many have been quick to point out how unacceptable this is. One notable real estate investor had this to say:

We simply cannot let just 'anyone' own a house. If everyone owned a house, that would mean I would have to get a job and contribute to society instead of grifting off low income earners being forced to pay rent.

Equally as disappointing is Boxabl's goal of helping democratize wealth creation for retail investors. Boxabl, rather than exclusively raising from rich investors and continuing to let accredited investors horde wealth like the dragon from The Hobbit, allows everyday peons and 'unsophisticated investors' to invest alongside their sophisticated accredited investors counterparts.

This method has received criticism in recent years as rich people say they feel "dirty" being on the same cap table as everyday investors, and worry the optics might hurt their investment value over time. The SEC, in 2021, approved the use of SPVs in equity crowdfunding to help disguise those cap table slots as something more sophisticated.

These heinous goals have caused a sustained outcry from disgruntled Facebook group members and institutional 'journalists' alike. We will do our best to distinguish below which is the "journalists" and which are the "Facebook trolls" as the level of journalistic integrity, research, bias, and writing ability are nearly identical between the two groups.

Notably, Business Insider, in an attempt to recover from continually falling website traffic, has ramped up its coverage of Boxabl and become a leader in the Boxabl Skeptics (B.S.) Movement.

Business Insider's campaign against the company, primarily led by two 'journalists,' has published numerous articles about Boxabl in recent years. One interesting aspect about the articles is the difference between the titles indexed on Google, and the updated articles on the article page, implying multiple revisions as the company corrects baseless misinformation it spreads about an American small business in an attempt not to get sued. Democratizing.Finance reached out to the journalists at Business Insider for comment and they had this to say:

We're just like you: we hate seeing others succeed just as much as the next guy, especially when it's a startup trying to make the world a better place. Who needs that? It makes the rest of us look bad. I figured it's easier to try and take everyone down to my level, instead of improving myself to rise up to theirs.

When asked why they continue to pursue this, despite all of their articles continuing to age incredibly poorly, the journalist said this:

At first, it was because the articles perform really well. We've seen articles get views as high as 50 views per article! That's dozens more views than what I normally pull. We were mostly just trolling with those, but after the 3rd or 4th article, Boxabl and the executive team blocked started blocking us on Twitter. This made me really really upset and made my makeup run mid workday while writing article number 5. It was a disaster. After that, it galvanized me to continue to keep writing more articles.

This was later confirmed on Twitter, when the journalist Tweeted this in reference to the Boxabl executives:

This is a real Tweet from an Adult man and "journalist"... no seriously... it's real

The unbiased journalist, in a move that shouldn't be further scrutinized at all, can be seen retweeting and interacting with competitors in the tiny home's space shortly after publishing their most recent article about Boxabl. During this interaction, the competitor can be seen calling Boxabl a 'scam.' This is fair, as the competitor is similarly unbiased and would have no motive to bring down a competitor.

In something else that is almost certainly a complete coincidence, this same journalist was named as a writer in an article earlier in 2023, naming Simple Homes one of the "hottest proptech startups of 2023" shortly after publishing an article defaming Boxabl, whch has now aged incredibly poorly.

The poorly named article, written in February of this year, attempts to draw readers in with its title highlighting a supposed 'empty factory' and disgruntled customers at Boxabl. The factory in question, their second factory, was finished a few months after publication and, despite being in the title of the story, contained one sentence about the 'empty factory.' Boxabl is now moving into its third factory. At the time, Boxabl had produced "only" 400 houses, a fact conveniently excluded from the title. In the article, Business Insider was able to find a whopping one 'disgruntled customer' who, in a seething enraged fury, went on to give Business Insider comments which resemble the following:

I haven't requested a refund yet, I will probably wait another year or so before I do. And don't include my last name in the article. I am still hoping to take delivery of the homes and I don't want to antagonize Boxabl.

Despite extensive attempts, Business Insider was unable to get a negative comment from any customers who had received the 400 casitas.

Disclaimer: This is obviously satire. If you're upset by this, then you're probably the reason I wrote this article... so please comment your sorrows down below to give me some good reading materials for later. Good satire borders on reality, but just assume everything in this article is fake and made up. And before someone says it, my entire portfolio is posted on this site on the main tab. Yes, I own a stake in Boxabl that I invested in through StartEngine.

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Bill Shull
Bill Shull
12 de mar.

Success? What are you talking about? They’re pretty much been shown to be a scam.

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