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Jeff Bezos, PayPal & eBay: Boxabl's New Inhouse Counsel Has History With Billion-Dollar Heavyweights

Boxabl in front of Boxabl Factory pulled by a Tesla

In a strategic move to augment its executive talent pool, Boxabl, a disruptor in the housing construction and technology space, has announced the hiring of Sandy Godsey as its new In-house Legal Counsel. Paolo Tiramani, CEO and co-founder of Boxabl, expressed his excitement, stating, "I am pleased to welcome Sandy Godsey as our legal in-house counsel. After an exhaustive search, we are happy that Sandy joined the Boxabl family."

A Legal Mind with Tech Giant Credentials

Sandy Godsey comes to Boxabl with a solid track record of managing in-house corporate legal affairs at a series of high-profile companies. Notably, she served as counsel to Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and her legal expertise has guided the legal departments of tech giants like PayPal, eBay, Qualcomm, and Metawave.

Boxabl is honored to bring Godsey into the fold, especially at a time when the company is set for rapid growth and expansion. Boxabl continues to see growing legal needs, from continued equity crowdfunding raising to certifications for their modular and factory-built housing. An industry heavyweight leading the charge can not only help decrease continued legal costs associated with these challenges but navigate them quickly and efficiently.

Upcoming Equity Crowdfunding Raise

Boxabl is currently in a 'Test-The-Waters' phase for its upcoming Regulation A raise. The raise is currently approaching $4 million reserved. The company recently launched a Reg CF raise through DealMaker and raised their maximum $3.2 million in less than 9 hours.

Boxabl has largely been one of the most successful companies in equity crowdfunding history. With over $150 million raised, and likely another $75 million to come once its Regulation A is qualified by the SEC, the company continues to see substantial momentum in the equity crowdfunding space.

According to Hubtas, Boxabl has an overall quant score of 2.71/5, putting it in the top 10% of all active equity raises currently raising through equity crowdfunding.

Boxabl Quant Summary

Aligning Missions for Scalable Growth

Boxabl aims to revolutionize housing construction and affordability with its groundbreaking technology. The company specializes in offering an efficient shipping solution to mass-produce homes through advanced manufacturing techniques. The addition of Sandy Godsey to the executive team is expected to be instrumental in achieving these lofty objectives.

In a rapidly evolving market, companies like Boxabl require top-tier talent to navigate legal intricacies, particularly in an industry ripe for disruption. The addition of Godsey signals that Boxabl is not just planning for the present but is strategizing for a future where it aims to be a dominant player in the housing tech sector.


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