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Fanbase Hits Record User Growth Acquiring 30,000 New Users in 3 Days Amidst Clubhouse Controversy

fanbase gets over 30,000 new users in 3 days

Over the past weekend, social networking platform Fanbase reported its highest user growth in the company's history, gaining over 30,000 new users in just 3 days. This notable surge represents a daily increase of 185%, with an additional 14,000 users already on board at the start of this week.

Industry insiders believe that this sudden surge in Fanbase's popularity can be traced back to the controversial update on Clubhouse, the once-famed audio chat app. Late last week, Clubhouse unveiled an update that resulted in an uproar among its long-standing user base. Key features of the update involved the removal of popular users from the platform and a shift from "followers" to "friends", significantly diminishing the reach of large creators who had dedicated three years to building their presence on the app.

In response to this development, the Fanbase team took swift action, welcoming the influx of new users while scaling up server bandwidth to ensure a seamless experience for its rapidly expanding community.

This surge in users comes as opportune timing for Fanbase, which is set to conclude its final Reg CF campaign in approximately two weeks.


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