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BlackRock Recruiter Talks About Buying Politicians, Pro-War Stance and More In Disturbing Video


BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world with tens of trillions of assets under management. They own massive stakes in most of the world's largest and most prominent companies. According to their most recent 13F filing, they currently own positions worth over $10 billion in:

  • Apple

  • Microsoft

  • Amazon


  • Google

  • Tesla

  • Meta Platforms

  • United Health

  • Berkshire Hathaway

  • Home Depot

  • Visa

and over 40 other companies. But you don't grow to that size without making some powerful connections. In a disturbing video released by O'keefe Media Group, an undercover reporter is seen getting footage of a Blackrock recruiter admitting to "buying politicians" and not wanting the Ukraine war to end because it's good for business.

The video shows a number of other disturbing admissions. This includes being able to buy a senator for about $10,000. But BlackRock isn't the only one doing it. According to BlackRock recruiter Serge Varlay, "everyone is doing it."

The video continues by saying "Ukraine is good for business." Varlay gives the example of grain volatility. What many see as a vital part of the world's food supply, Varlay sees as money to be made from grain price volatility. Notes the volatility is "fantastic" as it allows for profit.

As the video progresses, the interview gets even more disturbing as the recruiter admits "every day he decides people's fate... the whole thing of like domination as a concept is just so...interesting."

Varlay says hedgefunds and banks "run the world" because you can buy candidates through campaign financing. This includes buying up, as previously noted, billions of dollars of shares in influential public companies like Apple, Target, Bud Light, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla and more.

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