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Caleb Naysmith
Aug 24, 2022
I absolutely love hearing from people that enjoy my writing and find it helpful! I think equity crowdfunding is an absolute game changer such a huge step forward for 'democratizing finance' and allowing everyday people to build generational wealth AND everyday founders to secure funding. I got in late 2020 and was equally shocked to find out it existed. I took the plunge in early 2021 and began investing quite a bit and now I have been incredibly succesful. I think equity cf sites vetting startups + people doing their own research means people will likely even outperform traditional VCs and angels in many instances. Personally, I have invested less than 20k, and my portfolio on paper is worth several multiples of that and will likely grow as these companies near IPO. I've done what i can to educate people on it, but I think EqCF is on the cusp of something incredibly huge. VC funding is in the hundreds of billions every year, combined with trillions invested in the U.S. overall. The yearly volume of investments in EqCF is under a billion currently? So much growth and promise. Lastly, my philosphy on it is this: There's always those early stories that "make an industry" and a name behind it. The dogecoin millionaire. The Winklevoss twins. The "greatest trade to ever exist" in Shiba turning 8k into billions. DeepFuckingValue and his GME journey. These people all saw something where no one else did and got in when others didn't believe in it. They committed and they became the story, and made the money while others chased it. I think EqCF is gonna have a lot of those stories and a long history of success, but I think people that have that type of vision for EqCF will be rewarded and we will begin seeing those types of stories with some of the big names currently cooking and entering the later stages of their funding cycles. Super stoked to have you here, and glad you're enjoying the site. Lots to come here, and let me know if you need anything and have any suggestions. So:

Caleb Naysmith

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