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This Equity Crowdfunding Startup Grew Revenue By 288,562% Year-Over-Year Topping The Industry

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There's no doubt that startup investing and equity crowdfunding is risky. Nonetheless, millions of investors claim stakes in top startups every year. Why? Because early-stage companies hold the potential for outsized returns for investors who get it right. For example, TA Fintech Inc., better known as TradeAlgo, has seen revenue growth of an astounding 288,562%, making it the highest-growth company in the industry, according to Hubtas.

The company first launched on StartEngine in early 2022 and raised just under $1 million. The company then extended its raise and increased its valuation. In its second raise, the company raised $3.87 million. In total, the company raised just under the yearly $5 million Reg CF cap. The company recently relaunched on Dalmore at a valuation of $375 million. During its first launch on StartEngine, TradeAlgo had a valuation of just $28.33 million.

This means investors are currently sitting on unrealized gains of roughly 13x or 1239%. While the company's valuation is experiencing substantial growth, it's nowhere near the astronomical growth of the revenue. In 2021, the company only clocked $3.3k in revenue. In 2022, that number increased to a whopping $9.5m

Top 5 Biggest Increases After TradeAlgo

Using the Hubtas screener, you can see the top-performing startups by revenue growth. The top five startups by revenue growth after TradeAlgo includes Painterland Sisters, Terra Tech, Bib Technologies, Here Investments and Called Higher Studios.

Hubtas list showing equity crowdfunding startups with the highest revenue growth

Notably, many of these startups are seeing substantial revenue numbers as is. Terra Tech and BIB Technologies have seen substantial revenue growth, but the actual revenue numbers are quite low, potentially skewing the data. But Called Higher Studious, Painterland Sisters, and Here are all sitting in the six and seven-figure revenue range with substantial year-over-year growth. This means these startups are likely seeing substantial growth and might be worth a second look.


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