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Thinking About Investing In Robot Cache, A Top PC Game Distribution & Re-sell Platform?

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In a significant move for the gaming industry, Robot Cache has recently announced its launch on the popular investment platform StartEngine. This comes after the company successfully raised $29 million through Republic Crowdfunding, underscoring the company's forward momentum and growing support among investors.

Robot Cache, known for its innovative digital gaming marketplace, leverages blockchain technology to offer gamers the ability to resell digital games. The platform has attracted significant attention for its revolutionary approach to the digital resale market, allowing game developers to retain a share of resale profits and offering gamers more control over their digital assets.

The successful fundraising effort on Republic Crowdfunding saw participation from both institutional and individual investors, highlighting the widespread interest in Robot Cache's potential to reshape the gaming landscape.

StartEngine, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, will offer a fresh opportunity for investors to support Robot Cache's expansion and innovation efforts. By leveraging StartEngine, Robot Cache aims to tap into a broader pool of investors and further its mission to revolutionize the digital gaming world.

While the gaming industry continues to evolve, Robot Cache's recent moves have positioned the company at the forefront of the digital revolution, with many keenly watching its growth trajectory.

It remains to be seen how Robot Cache's partnership with StartEngine will influence the company's next phase, but the overwhelming support received on Republic Crowdfunding suggests a bright future for the innovative gaming platform.

Robot Cache Investment Details

For those looking to back this company with their wallets, there are a number of points to consider.

Terms Of The Deal

The offering has been launched under Regulation A at a valuation of $193 million. There is a minimum investment of $1000, which is quite high compared to most. The offering is an equity offering for common stock at $1 per share, meaning the minimum investment would get you 1000 shares. The company is currently operating at a loss with little revenue.

General Investor Considerations:

  • Valuation and Market Size: Investors should consider the company's valuation in relation to the total addressable market. The gaming industry is massive, but how much of that can Robot Cache realistically capture? One of the primary concerns is the stiff competition in the market. Steam and Epic both have thriving game stores, including some blockchain-based options on Epic.

  • Exit Strategy: What is Robot Cache's long-term plan? Whether it's an acquisition, IPO, or continued growth as a private company, investors should be aware of the potential exit strategies. With a valuation of nearly $200 million, investors should weigh the risks of the investment compared with the potential upside.

  • Management and Team: A company's leadership can often be a decisive factor in a startups success. Robot Cache is led by a team of experts in the gaming field with many having decades worth of individual expertise.

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention: How does Robot Cache plan to attract and retain its user base? The cost of customer acquisition and the platform's churn rate can be significant metrics to consider.


  1. Innovative Solution: Robot Cache offers a unique solution in the gaming market, allowing users to resell their digital games, a feature not widely available elsewhere. This gives the platform a potential first-mover advantage in a large and growing industry.

  2. Blockchain Technology: Leveraging blockchain ensures secure transactions and can give users confidence in the reselling process. This technology can also provide transparency in sales, making it easier for game developers and users to trust the system.

  3. Revenue Sharing Model: By allowing game developers to retain a share of resale profits, Robot Cache creates an incentive for developers to support and join the platform, potentially driving a richer and broader game catalog for users.

  4. Strong Initial Funding: Raising $29 million on Republic Crowdfunding demonstrates that there is significant investor interest and belief in Robot Cache's vision and business model.

  5. Tapping into New Investment Channels: By launching on StartEngine, Robot Cache is expanding its access to capital, allowing it to fund more robust growth strategies and technological advancements.


  1. Unproven Model: While the concept of reselling digital games is attractive, it's largely unproven on a large scale. There might be challenges in its widespread adoption among developers and users.

  2. Market Competition: The gaming industry is highly competitive, with major players like Steam, Epic Games, and others dominating the market. Standing out and carving a significant market share can be challenging.

  3. Regulatory & Social Concerns: Utilizing blockchain and pioneering a new method of digital resale might draw regulatory scrutiny, potentially resulting in roadblocks or compliance costs. Blockchain-based technology and cryptocurrency has received a poor social image in recent years with the collapse of many major centralized exchanges and scams in the space.

  4. Dependence on Game Developers: For Robot Cache's model to succeed, they will need a continuous influx of game developers willing to list their games on the platform. Any resistance from major developers can hinder growth.

  5. Technological Challenges: The deployment and scaling of blockchain technologies can come with technical challenges. Ensuring seamless transactions, especially at scale, will be crucial for user retention.

Robot Cache presents an innovative solution in the gaming industry and has already achieved significant initial fundraising success. Potential investors should weigh the pros and cons carefully and conduct their own research before investing. This should not be construed as investing advice. As with all investments, it's essential to conduct thorough research and consult with financial professionals.


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