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Thinking About Investing In BIB Technologies, The Future of Sustainable Mobile Stores?

Everything you need to know about investing in BIB Technologies on StartEngine.

The Automato by BIB Technologies
Photo by BIB Technologies

The retail industry is about to witness a paradigm shift, and one startup, BIB Technologies, looks to be at its forefront. Founded by industry veterans from major tech giants like SpaceX, SolarCity, Tesla, and Amazon, this Los Angeles-based startup is reimagining the way businesses connect with customers.

In-Depth Look: The AUTOMATO

BIB Technologies' flagship utility electric vehicle, AUTOMATO, promises high efficiency and sustainability, serving as a mobile storefront. With the capability to operate in unconventional places, from sidewalks and indoor settings to various venues, it showcases the team's innovative spirit. Due to this, the startup has seen collaborations with global brands like Red Bull, PATH water, and Liquid Death.

Beyond Traditional Retail

Starting with an inventive ice cream truck selling non-dairy fro-yo made from organic, locally-sourced ingredients, BIB Technologies soon realized the broader potential. The financial, operational, and ecological advantages of their mobile UEVs became evident. These vehicles are not only cost-efficient, operating at approximately $10/day, but also environmentally friendly with up to 12 hours of clean energy.

Moreover, with integrated smart shelves and website analytics, BIB Technologies brings the power of data analytics to the forefront, giving businesses actionable sales and marketing insights.

The Market Dynamics

With the U.S. pop-up store market clocking in at a whopping $14 billion in 2021, coupled with the current retail trend of moving away from traditional storefronts, BIB Technologies is perfectly poised to lead the mobile retail revolution.

Reasons to Invest in BIB Technologies

  • Experienced Founding Team: BIB boasts a multi-disciplinary team with rich experiences in automotive design, engineering, solar, energy storage, and e-commerce.

  • Patented Technology: With a patent valued at $40-45 million, their technology allows for temperature-controlled mobile storefronts, perfect for high foot-traffic locations.

  • Growing Revenues: Since April 2023, their FRO UEV has reported monthly revenues of over $10,000.

  • Sustainability: Emphasizing eco-friendly solutions, their UEVs are powered by clean energy.

  • Expansion Plans: With funds raised, BIB aims to increase its presence in the LA Metro area and amplify its operational capabilities.

  • Current Market Trends: The declining preference for physical stores makes the timing perfect for mobile storefronts.

  • Collaborations: Partnerships with renowned brands add credibility and growth potential.


  1. Market Uncertainties: The mobile storefront model, though innovative, is yet to be proven at scale.

  2. Operational Challenges: Expansion may bring unforeseen operational challenges.

  3. Regulatory Issues: Mobile storefronts might face regulatory and licensing challenges in some locations.

  4. Competition: Established brands with more resources might enter the mobile retail space.

  5. Franchise Model: Transitioning to an internal franchise model can introduce complexities.

Final Thoughts

BIB Technologies' vision of creating a sustainable, efficient mobile business model is not just unique, but also timely. Investors seeking to be part of a green, revolutionary retail shift might find this opportunity worth exploring.


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