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Thinking About Investing in Ally Robotics, The Startup Democratizing Robotics?

Ally Robotics is creating a low-cost, no-code robotics platform, and you can invest today!

The world is increasingly, and inevitably, moving towards automation. This doesn’t mean everyone will be out of a job, but rather these platforms can work as a force multiplier for existing business models. Robotics and automation can allow for more work to be accomplished using a smaller number of people and then, ideally, result in higher paying jobs due to this increased output. One of the main issues, however, is the fact that robotics platforms currently are neither cheap nor attainable to most businesses. This pretty much directly contradicts most of the previous ideas because if adding automation ultimately results in millions of dollars in expenses, then it’s likely cheaper to just hire more employees. As well, many platforms require coding skills, confusing software, or specialists to operate platforms that realistically aren’t that adaptable. This creates a massive barrier to entry for everyday businesses to implement automation and robotics into their businesses.

About Ally Robotics

Ally Robotics is looking to solve this issue by creating an easy-to-afford, no-code platform designed around imitation learning. This means that you can teach the robot how to complete tasks through demonstration, making it incredibly easy to use for all skill levels. The idea is like most AI-focused platforms: Reinforcement learning. AI, in most instances, isn’t actually what it seems. In reality, programs simply run through various scenarios hundreds, or even thousands and millions, of times and then record the results based on various limitations set out in their programming. Eventually, these programs, or in this case a robot, can use those results to replicate those favorable courses of action. However, once you actually get those results, the robots typically become quite “smart” in that they know what to do or not to do based on all those scenarios they played out.

More importantly, however, is the result of this ‘machine learning.’ That result being how easy it is for nearly anyone to learn how to use the platform. There’s a growing number of advanced degrees in the U.S. which means people are less likely to work in industries like food service or line workers in manufacturing.

This poses several issues. First, restaurants and similar industries will find it increasingly difficult to find workers and will need a way to supplement that shortfall. Second, these industries already have incredibly low margins, which generally results in low wages for employees. This forces people to get those higher degrees and increasingly forces the country into issues, as you see now with the student debt crisis. Robotics platforms like this means even people with a high school education could operate this platform, and thus a restaurant, for example, could see drastically higher output on less workforce, resulting in a competitive wage for those employees.

Ally Robotics Traction & Investors

While the company is still an early-stage startup, they actually do have some traction in the form of a deal with Miso Robotics to sell robotic arms to the company worth as much as $30 million in lifetime revenue. This means they will have a bit of a running start going into things, but they’re also currently looking to raise $8 million+ to really throw some gasoline on the fire. However, given the limited options and competitive price point from Ally Robotics, this could quickly gain more traction.

The Robotics industry is one of the fastest growing industries out there currently, with an estimated CAGR of nearly 23% going into 2023. So,