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Thinking About Investing in ACME AtronOmatic on StartEngine?

ACME AtronOmatic MyRadar app screencapture
Photo by ACME AtronOmatic

ACME AtronOmatic, the company behind the popular MyRadar app, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. The company quickly cleared over $1 million raised, and continues to see success and momentum. Given this, many investors are likely left wondering whether the company is worth their time and money.

The company, widely recognized for its weather anticipation software utilized by over 15 million users, continues to be an integral part weather and environmental monitoring. The company has a number of expansion opportunities, exciting updates and more. For example, the company plans to implement satellite technology despite it still being in the prototype phase.

Investment Analysis: Pros, Cons, and Considerations


  1. Strong User Base: MyRadar boasts over 15 million users, indicating a robust product-market fit and consistent user trust.

  2. Innovative Approach: The company's vision to launch satellites combined with AI software showcases their commitment to maintaining a cutting-edge position in the market.

  3. Track Record: A decade of consistent innovation and service enhancement underlines the company's reliability and capacity to evolve in response to market needs.

  4. Addressing a Tangible Problem: With increasing weather and climate disasters, MyRadar's solutions cater to a growing need for actionable guidance.

  5. Market Potential: Being positioned in the growing SaaS sector, which is projected to reach $908 billion by 2030, presents lucrative financial prospects.

  6. Recent Achievements: Successful milestones like satellite prototype launches and securing significant contracts underscore operational and strategic competencies.


  1. Satellite Initiative Risks: The satellite technology, although promising, is still in the prototype stage, introducing uncertainties related to development, launch, and operational outcomes.

  2. Competitive Landscape: The weather app domain is competitive, with several other players possibly looking to introduce similar innovations.

  3. Liquidity Concerns: As with many equity crowdfunding investments, liquidity can be a concern. It might not be easy for investors to offload their shares if needed.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Proprietary AI: MyRadar's unique AI rain prediction algorithms set it apart from many competitors.

  • Holistic Service Offering: From basic weather updates to advanced alerts like earthquakes, wildfires, and more, the app's extensive feature set is unmatched.

  • Upcoming Features: Innovations like RouteCast demonstrate the company's commitment to continuous enhancement and addressing user needs.

Founding Team and Key Personnel


  • Experience and Track Record: CEO Andrew Green is a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record in pioneering internet access technologies and creating lucrative business ventures.

  • Technical Proficiency: Dr. Sarvesh Garimella's background in artificial intelligence and atmospheric science can be a game-changer in enhancing MyRadar's capabilities. His research affiliations and emphasis on policy implications add depth to the team.

  • Government and Research Involvement: Dr. David Ryglicki's tenure with the U.S. Navy and his work on tactical decision aids provide unique insights and potential government partnerships.

  • Software Expertise: Brice Lambi's experience in bringing machine learning to weather data engineering underlines the company's commitment to evolving with technology.


Given the diverse expertise of the founding team, there's a minimal concern here, though the interaction and collaborative efforts of such varied expertise would be interesting to observe.

Financials and Terms of Investment


  • Stable Revenue Stream: ACME's revenue remains fairly stable, showing its product's consistent demand.

  • Equity Offering: The investment is in equity, ensuring ownership and potential future dividends for investors.


  • Declining Assets: The drop in total assets from the prior year is a point of concern.

  • Liquidity Issues: The significant reduction in cash and cash equivalents could hint at potential cash flow challenges.

  • Increased Debt: The rise in both short-term and long-term debts in comparison to their assets and cash reserves may pose risks.

  • Decreased Net Income: A sharp decrease in net income, without evident reasons, is a red flag.

Product and Market Position


  • The MyRadar app, with over 50 million downloads, indicates a strong market presence and a recognized brand.

  • The versatility of the app across various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox, and Alexa) ensures a broader user base.

  • The company's infrastructure supporting business services and research projects for the U.S. military and federal government gives it diversified revenue streams.


  • Potential competitors and technological advancements in the weather and environmental information domain may challenge the company's market position.

Investment Terms and Valuation


  • A clear range for the funding goal and flexible investment amounts cater to both small and large investors.


  • At a valuation of $70M and the current financial health, investors might question if the company is overvalued.

Is ACME AtronOmatic a Good Investment?

ACME AtronOmatic's strong track record, clear vision for the future, and positioning in a growth-oriented market suggest that it has the potential to be a rewarding investment. However, like all investments, there are associated risks. The satellite technology's prototype status and the competitive nature of the market are key considerations.


ACME AtronOmatic's equity crowdfunding proposition is a blend of robust potential, backed by a strong team and popular product, and certain financial concerns that can't be overlooked. Potential investors must weigh the company's evident strengths against its financial challenges. Due diligence, including understanding the reasons behind the financial changes and the company's future strategies, is essential before making an informed decision. Given its strong market position and the expertise of its team, ACME holds promise, but caution in understanding its financial dynamics is crucial.

Democratizing.Finance does not provide financial advice. Please consult a professional before making any investment decisions.


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