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StartEngine Shatters Records with Largest Investment Day in 2023 Following SeedInvest Acquisition

Updated: May 10, 2023

StartEngine Sees Massive Surge in Investments, Becomes Legitimate Challenger to VC Dominance

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StartEngine, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, has reported a record-breaking day in investments, following the company's recent finalization of the acquisition of SeedInvest. On the heels of the announcement, StartEngine experienced its largest single-day investment volume in 2023, boasting a more than doubled daily traffic and nearly tripled investments in its own raise.

The impressive statistics include:

  • A 2x increase in daily traffic to

  • A 2.7x increase in the average number of investments in StartEngine, setting a new record for 2023 for investments in StartEngine's raise

As a result of the acquisition, StartEngine's user base is expected to grow by a staggering 70% as they look to onboard as many as 700,000 prospective investors. This growth, along with the combined $1.1 billion raised by both platforms to date, positions StartEngine as a serious contender to venture capital in the midst of one of the most significant VC pullbacks on record.

The acquisition of SeedInvest will not only bring more investment opportunities but also make StartEngine a better partner for founders. By joining forces, StartEngine and SeedInvest, two leading experts in helping companies bridge the gap between Regulation Crowdfunding (up to $5M annually) and Regulation A+ (up to $75M), can now offer their expertise under one roof.

StartEngine CEO, Howard Marks, expressed immense gratitude to investors in a recent letter, crediting their support for enabling the company to seize one of the most important market opportunities in the crowdfunding industry.

As StartEngine continues its rapid growth, the company invites new and existing investors to join them in shaping the future of equity crowdfunding.


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