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StartEngine Made the Inc’s 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America!

This isn't the first time they have made the list either!

Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

StartEngine has been growing incredibly fast over the past few years. The 2020 trend of retail investors getting excited about investing due to the rise of crypto and the Gamestop mania has been incredibly good for StartEngine as well. Since then, it’s really just continued to snowball. They have a phenomenal business model because the companies raising on their platform do the majority of the advertising for them. This means the more companies raising on their platform, the more people being driven to their site. If a company finds a new and innovative channel to advertise through that ends up bringing in lots of new investors, both StartEngine and that company benefit from that. This has helped spur growth as StartEngine continues to use the money raised to bring in more customers through its own advertising avenues (like through CNBC or the online ads they run).

After all of this, it seems it has at least somewhat paid off. A recent StartEngine announcement noted they have been officially named on the list of Inc’s 5000 fastest growing private businesses in America.

I tried looking where they came in, but I was unable to find it as I don’t subscribe to the platform, and nothing immediately apparent came up. This also doesn’t specify if this was the 2021 or a future 2022 list.

What I do know is that StartEngine grew approximately 230% in 2021, which is above the average growth on the list of 160%. So, they did incredibly well and were above average within this list of already solid companies.

This also isn’t their first time on the list. In 2020, it seems they were also on the list, and we’re actually the 10th fastest growing company in California, according to their own update:

It’s definitely great to see the growth and progress, and there’s surely more to come.

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