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StartEngine Is Scrapping the "Owners Bonus"

You can determine the future of the Owners bonus.

In an interesting update published by StartEngine, it looks like they’re getting rid of the Owner's bonus. Well, they’re getting rid of the name, anyway. Admittedly, It’s about time too. The Owner's bonus stepped into StartEngine’s second-largest source of revenue in the first half of 2022, with a whopping 178% growth and $2.6 million in revenue. With that, it seems the demand for the product is overwhelmingly there and should definitely use a makeover to help investors better understand what’s going on.

So, what are they renaming it to? That’s for you to decide! Here are the current options they’re looking at:

There’s an option to add your own as well, but I am personally leaning towards either “StartEngine Premier” or “StartEngine Gold.” I ultimately ended up going with StartEngine Gold because I think it will look better in marketing materials and generally just sounds better. As well, saying someone is a Gold member sounds a bit more intriguing and distinguished than the others. So I feel like that would pique investors' interest more than the others as far as seeing it and wanting to look into it.

I have written about sprucing up the Owners bonus before, as marketing it as more of a ‘Premium membership’ than a bonus feels like it would be more attractive to most people. Lots of people aren’t even aware that it exists, so doubling down on this would likely make people more active and inclined to invest, stick with StartEngine, and the revenue potential is already apparent. As Owners Bonus revenues continue to ramp up, moving towards a ‘Freemium’ model has proven successful in lots of businesses. Personally, I regularly invest on StartEngine, and it wouldn’t make sense for me to NOT use it. It’s made me well over the $275 that it costs every year. Not only do you get the 10% bonus shares, but if that 10% is in a stock that 10x’s in valuation, then you’ve made your money back in the one company.

If you are wanting to vote, you can find there here:

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