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Hubtas Just Changed the Equity Crowdfunding Game

Hubtas announced the launch of a suite of new features on Monday aimed at giving investors the tools they need to succeed in the equity crowdfunding world. Hubtas is a leading data and analytics tool aimed at helping retail investors succeed while investing in the equity crowdfunding world.

This latest update not only expands on that goal but is a huge step towards giving equity crowdfunding investors powerful tools other similar industries enjoy, like Bloomberg and Pitchbook.

$100 Sweepstakes

As part of this launch, Hubtas is launching a $100 sweepstakes. Earn a chance to win $100 cash towards your next investment by following two simple steps:

  1. Make an account on by signing up here:

  2. Go to your Hubtas dashboard, and build your portfolio and/or watchlist.

Then you’re done! You’ve been entered to win $100. Read the full rules here; no purchase is necessary.

New Features

The update includes several new features not found anywhere else in equity crowdfunding. Investors can now build a watchlist of all their favorite offerings and then display a feed of the latest news and SEC filings. Rather than checking the SEC EDGAR site on a semi-regular basis to see if a company has posted its annual report, investors can simply build their portfolio once and never miss another update. Startups often have hundreds of investors, making it impossible to ensure that 100% of them are completely informed.

Now, investors can take this into their own hands using the Hubtas Dashboard. This suite of features is conveniently integrated into a simple yet effective, dashboard unique to each investor:

This dashboard contains a host of financial data about each company in their portfolio, with customization options allowing investors to choose what companies to follow. The watchlist consists of two main information channels. First, a convenient feed allowing anyone to see all the latest SEC filings within an investor's portfolio:

These feeds will catch key filings indicating future raises or IPO plans, structural and important updates to a company, and annual reports. This, coupled with a news feed showing the latest Hubtas news about hundreds of startups, gives unparalleled access to convenient information all in one place previously unavailable to the industry.

Hubtas Portfolio

Similar to the watchlist, the Portfolio is a critical tool for investors. It allows investors to track portfolio performance and see key metrics within their portfolio. This will be a vital part of the Hubtas ecosystem going forward. The goal is to allow investors to analyze their portfolio on a granular level so they can double down on what’s working, while analyzing their weaknesses.

Chat & Research

The update also introduces a chat feature, coupled with a suite of new social tools aimed at crowdsourcing due diligence in the equity crowdfunding realm. Now, anyone can chat with like-minded individuals while conducting due diligence on the Hubtas platform.

This feature, alongside the existing reviews and reports features, allows investors to track and share their insights with other investors to help provide community-based due diligence.

To get started, head over to

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