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Boxabl Partners With D.R. Horton, the Largest Homebuilder in the USA

Boxabl has been making waves, and now it looks like more good news is coming their way.

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

Boxabls growth has been astronomical, going from being founded in 2017 to hundreds of thousands of preorders in 2022. Their recent funding round has already put them officially in unicorn status, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Some tweets by Elon Musk gave them some massive exposure, but now they have another giant on their side:

D.R. Horton — The largest homebuilder in the USA.

Boxabl hasn’t had any issues with sales, but they have so many pre-orders it could be years before they will even get close to delivering on-demand. This announcement could help quelch some of those issues, allowing the modular housing startup to “share resources” with D.R. Horton, and even a statement from the CEO stating that “Boxabl customers will live in and buy Casitas deployed by Horton.”

This means that they got a large investment from the company and D.R. Horton is will now help sell and deploy Boxabl homes. There’s not a whole lot known about the deal other than a quick paragraph posted on their social media accounts:

As you can see this includes a few parts:

  • A large pilot order

  • “aid in product development by sharing resources and providing feedback”

  • An “investment”

As well, the fact that they are announcing this as a strategic partnership helps with things like validation, valuation, raising money, and so on. From the sounds of it, this means D.R. Horton likely purchased a large order of Casitas to then re-sell to customers at a profit, and then obviously help with product development to fit their needs. The order, the actual investment in the company, and the massive pre-orders list are all good indicators of market demand and acceptance at the traditional market level. As an investor in Boxabl from their previous round, this is definitely extremely welcoming news.

Their StartEngine Raise

If you haven’t checked it out yet, their StartEngine raise closes in soon, so consider checking that out. If you want to know and learn more about their raise and the company in general, make sure to check out the video below!

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