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Boxabl Opens Factory-3 And Hits $30 Million In Homes Produced

Boxabl Casita rendering as a houseboat
Photo by Boxabl

In a groundbreaking move that promises to redefine the construction industry, Boxabl has announced the opening of its third factory, aptly named Factory 3. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the company's mission to make quality homes accessible to all, leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques to drive down costs and raise the bar on housing affordability.

A Commitment to Innovation

Boxabl's commitment to innovation and quality has led them to invest in new facilities that will empower them to take their mission to the next level. Factory 3, boasting over 400,000 square feet of space, will facilitate increased production capacity and enable the company to refine its tech-driven solutions for affordable housing further. So far, Boxabl has produced over 500 tiny homes in its goal of solving the growing housing crisis. At $60,000 per casita, these represent as much as $30 million in revenue.

The Benefits of Boxabl Homes

Boxabl has been at the forefront of revolutionizing housing construction, offering high-quality, affordable, and customizable homes. The company's unique approach involves designing and manufacturing compact, modular units—known as Boxabls—in a controlled factory environment. These units are then transported to construction sites for assembly, offering several benefits:

  • Speedy Construction Time: The efficient production process significantly reduces construction timelines.

  • Cost Efficiency: The modular nature of Boxabls streamlines the construction process, saving on labor costs and reducing material waste.

  • Enhanced Quality Control: Manufacturing in a factory setting ensures a high degree of quality control.

  • Sustainability and Reduced Waste: Boxabl construction generates significantly less waste compared to traditional building methods.

  • Mobility: Boxabls are designed to be easily transportable, offering a viable solution for temporary or rapidly changing space needs.

What’s New in Factory 3?

Earlier this year, Boxabl went online with Factory 2, but Factory 3 is already operational and promises several upgrades. For Factory 1, a new paint line is being installed to enhance the products being offered. The new paint process and various equipment upgrades will make it possible to produce fully laminated panels, which are more than five times faster than the current process.

The company is also planning to switch to Generation 2.0 of the Casita, which will feature several engineering improvements, making the units faster and stronger with less cost.

Future Plans: The BOXZILLA

Boxabl is already planning for a new housing factory known as BOXZILLA, which aims to be the most advanced housing factory in the world. The factory will utilize state-of-the-art robotics and automation, ensuring a higher degree of precision and consistency in the construction of each Boxabl unit.


Boxabl's Factory 3 is more than just an expansion; it's a symbol of the transformative potential that innovative technology can bring to the construction industry. As the company continues to expand its operations and refine its processes, we can expect to see even more remarkable advancements that challenge traditional norms and redefine the possibilities of modern construction.

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