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Boxabl Launches Test the Waters Campaign To Raise Funds for “Boxzilla” Mega-Housing Factory

Boxabl launches test the waters campaign as it gears towards another $75 million Reg A raise for 2023.

Paolo and Galiano tiramani standing in front of the boxabl factory
Photo from Boxabl

Boxabl, a trailblazing housing construction company, has just launched its "test the waters" campaign on StartEngine, aiming to revolutionize the housing industry by bringing affordable, upscale housing to the masses. To date, Boxabl has raised over $168 million from more than 40,000 investors and built over 300 houses, leveraging its unique building system compatible with automobile-style factory mass production.

Boxabl's previous fundraising round, which concluded in August 2022, saw the company raise an impressive $24,823,930.40 on StartEngine alone. The other $50 million was raised through a white label on their own site. They opened up a regulation crowdfunding raise on StartEngine shortly after and quickly maxed out the $5 million maximum as well. Their patented building technology, protected by exclusive rights to 63 patent filings and growing, has already demonstrated its potential in Factory-1 and Factory-2, where they have shipped over 300 houses to satisfied customers.

The company has successfully delivered houses under two major contracts and now aims to take their revolutionary approach to the next level by constructing the "Boxzilla Factory," which they envision as the world's largest and most advanced housing factory. By adopting the efficiency and speed seen in car factories like Ford or Tesla, Boxabl believes their technology can make upscale housing affordable and accessible to everyone.

In their pursuit of this ambitious goal, Boxabl seeks to raise a staggering $1 billion to finance the construction and operation of the Boxzilla Factory. If successful, their innovative approach to housing construction could dramatically reshape the industry, offering a viable solution to the global housing crisis and creating sustainable, affordable, and desirable housing for millions of people around the world.

While writing this, the company has already jumped from $10,000 in funding to over $72,000 indicating incredibly strong interest going into the new raise.

Investors interested in supporting Boxabl's groundbreaking vision can find more information and join the "test the waters" campaign on the StartEngine platform by clicking here.


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