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Boxabl Launches New Affiliate Marketing Program

Get paid to promote Boxabl with the new Boxabl Affiliate Program

Photo of Boxabl House Boat
Photo by Boxabl

Along with a new site overhaul, Boxabl has recently launched an affiliate program. The houses have already seen unprecedented demand with tens of thousands of houses currently reserved. As the company continues to ramp up to meet that demand, Boxabl has recently launched an affiliate program meaning you can get paid if you know someone wanting to buy a Boxabl house. For those looking to sign up for the affiliate program, you can find those detail and how to start getting paid by clicking the link here:

Boxabl Affiliate Image

For anyone looking to reserve a Boxabl Casita, use the link below to get $100 off your purchase when you put down a deposit for your Casita:

Boxabl Logo

How Does the Boxabl Affiliate Program Work?

Similar to most affiliate programs, people simply need to signup for an affiliate account then receive a code. Once you get that code, anytime someone puts down their deposit for a Boxabl Casita using your code, they get $100 off their purchase, you get $10 immediately and $500 when they pay for their Boxabl house.

Affiliates can choose to receive their payout in either cash or stock in Boxabl.

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