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Boxabl is Quietly Rolling Out Its Next Massive Market Opportunity

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You probably didn’t even notice, but this could be huge!

Boxabl is seemingly constantly innovating. In just over a year, the company went from an empty factory and a vision to producing several houses a day, rolling out their new Boxabl travel trailer, moving into a second factory (and shopping for a third) and now something else big just landed. There were some hints on Twitter, but it seems we finally know what's going on… and it could be huge.

One of the cool things about Boxabls is they can be towed by most trucks, and unpacked in an hour. While this is great if you’re setting up a permanent structure, it’s apparently also great for setting up temporary housing and stations for things like weekend events, festivals, fairs, and, apparently, NASCAR races. Several Boxabls went to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway recently for things like Ticket Booths and renewals, but also what be temporary housing. The first images shown were those with branded logos seemingly for the Speedway itself:

but Boxabl also released several examples of Boxabls delivered solely for leisure and for people to rent while they stay there for the races:

While it’s ultimately unclear the details of the deal, there definitely seems to be a massive amount of potential here, and actually multiple opportunities in these pictures alone. The potential revenue avenues being:

  • Normal sales for smaller permanent structures (like Ticket Booths) at large events like these

  • Renting Boxabls to people for events (NASCAR pays Boxabl to rent a Boxabl for a week)

  • Rental sales at events (People paying to stay at an onsite Boxabl at a NASCAR race)

  • Upsales for branded Boxabls

  • Revenue from advertising space on Boxabls at events like this

and probably a few other things that I missed. This shows an absolutely massive market opportunity because the only real competition in this space is RVs and tents. While there are lots of RVs with a decent amount of space, they also can be incredibly cramped.

and cost well in excess of the $50,000 Boxabl price tag for the more spacious options. Plus, a Boxabl can be towed, but an RV you have about the RV maintenance and breaking down. Tents don’t have insulation, water, heating, etc. Tents are much cheaper but less comfortable and have no heat, water, insulation, etc. It’s definitely an exciting spin on the concept and something I found really cool.

Lastly, and on a completely unrelated note, Boxabl is also quickly amassing a pretty sizeable online audience sitting at over 90,000 subscribers and 6 million views on YouTube alone:

Monetized, that’s $30,000 of ad revenue. Obviously a drop in the bucket for a $3 billion company, but it also can’t hurt.

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