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Boxabl Clears $1 Million Reserved In New StartEngine Test-The-Waters Campaign

Boxabl House on Display
Photo by Boxabl

Boxabl announced a test-the-waters campaign with the likely intention of launching another Reg A raise in 2023. The startup has also raised funds through a Reg D on their website and a host of other raises since this new test the waters (TTW) campaign went live. Judging by the company's current traction, it's already gearing up for another successful raise. Despite a lack of advertising, their new StartEngine raise has already cleared $1 million reserved in about a week. The company, when possible, encourages investors to invest through its white-label product on its site, meaning it has likely raised or reserved substantially more there as well.

But this is no surprise seeing they had over $5 million waitlisted on their last raise on StartEngine after it maxed out.

The company has raised more than $140 million so far, and is aiming to raise an additional $1 billion to kickstart the construction of "Boxzilla", Boxabl's proposed mega-factory. The ultimate goal of the company is to manufacture a house every minute. With tens of thousands of investors, Boxabl is one of the most sought-after equity crowdfunding companies, and has achieved remarkable success and momentum.

As the company gears up for another set of fundraising, it seems they're currently largely unaffected by the venture capital drought and the relative decline in equity crowdfunding raise amounts.

Recent Controversies

The company has been a part of a number of supposed-controversies as of late. Most notably, YouTuber and influencer MeetKevin produced a series of videos spreading misinformation about the company, some of which is addressed here:

Some may have been worried about these controversies affecting the company's upcoming funding round, as it may discourage potential investors from investing or current investors from increasing their investment. However, the company appears to be unaffected by these issues.


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