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Boxabl Aims to Send 200 Modular Homes to Maui for Disaster Relief

Maui fire

Boxabl, a company specializing in fast, sustainable, and modular housing solutions, is taking matters into its own hands to provide 200 Boxabls homes for disaster relief in Maui. The company is collaborating with local authorities and the Red Cross, but has faced delays in securing FEMA support.

A Sustainable Solution for Maui

Paolo Tiramani, co-founder of Boxabl, took to Twitter to announce the company's intentions. "We're working on @CountyofMaui with @fema contractors and @RedCross to hopefully put together a plan to provide @BOXABL's fast sustainable permanent and locally sensitive solutions that can be rapidly deployed anywhere onsite then rapidly re-deployed into beautiful long-term communities," he tweeted. Tiramani emphasized the need for permanent solutions over temporary ones to avoid creating "future-slums."

Frustration with FEMA

Despite efforts to collaborate with FEMA, Boxabl has faced challenges in moving the project forward. Galiano Tiramani, another co-founder, expressed his frustration on Twitter. "We didn’t have any luck getting in touch with FEMA and can’t wait anymore. Let’s just do this ourselves," he tweeted.

Crowdfunding for Immediate Action

In light of the delays, Boxabl has launched a GoFundMe campaign to expedite the process. The campaign aims to raise funds to send over 200 ready-to-deploy Boxabl houses to Maui. "Help us get Boxabl houses to Hawaii. I have over 200 houses ready. Please donate on GoFundMe. Share, comment, like so we can get exposure," Galiano Tiramani urged in his tweet. The campaign has already raised over $57,000.

How to Help

Those interested in supporting Boxabl's efforts can donate to their GoFundMe campaign or reach out via email at

A New Approach to Disaster Relief

Boxabl's initiative represents a shift towards sustainable and permanent solutions for disaster relief. The company's modular homes can be quickly deployed and re-deployed, offering a viable alternative to temporary shelters. As the GoFundMe campaign gains momentum, it remains to be seen how quickly Boxabl can make its vision a reality for the residents of Maui.

For more information, visit Boxabl's GoFundMe Campaign.


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