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Thinking About Investing in Artly, The AI-Powered Robot Barista?

Artly robot barista making a cup of coffee
Photo by Artly

Artly, a cutting-edge company using AI technology to revolutionize the coffee industry, has begun an investment round on StartEngine. They're shaking up the coffee experience with robot baristas in 9 locations with plans for expansion. The company has already topped the "most momentum" list on StartEngine a number of times already. As investors start looking at investing their hard-earned cash, here's a full breakdown of everything they might need to know.

The Growth and Technology

The company boasts a 900% revenue increase from $100,000 in 2021 to $910,000 in 2022. With over 350,000 cups of specialty coffee served, their proprietary AI technology positions them as a significant player in the industry. Artly robotic baristas mimic human skills to create consistent, perfect cups of coffee, setting them apart from traditional methods.

The Team

Led by CEO Meng Wang, the former founder of Orbeus Inc (acquired by Amazon), and a team of experienced entrepreneurs in AI and coffee, the company's growth seems poised to continue. They're dedicated to sourcing high-quality beans and providing a truly authentic coffee experience.

The Market Traction

Artly coffee shops have witnessed remarkable growth with 19 robots in 9 locations, serving thousands of cups of coffee daily. The revenue growth and upcoming store openings position the company well for future expansion.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Artly

Here's a quick and easy breakdown of a number of weaknesses and strong points for investors to consider.


  1. Rapid Growth: A 900% increase in revenue and strong market presence signal potential.

  2. Innovative Technology: Artly's AI-driven baristas offer a unique, consistent coffee experience.

  3. Experienced Leadership: The leadership team's background in AI, robotics, and coffee adds credibility to the project.

  4. Low Operation Costs: The reduced size and startup cost of Artly's coffee shops make expansion more feasible.

  5. Strong Cash Position: The startup currently has over $5 million cash on hand with only $2 million burned last year. This gives the company substantial runway as they expand.


  1. Market Competition: Facing giants like Starbucks, Artly must prove its ability to scale and gain a significant market share. There are already more basic solutions like coffee vending machines, but a more high-tech solution might draw more interest. There are also a number of competitors in the space developing robotic vending solutions.

  2. Growing Loss: While the company is expanding fast, they lost more than $2 million last year alone. The company is a technology company, and the R&D costs are likely substantial and growing.

  3. Valuation: While the company is growing incredibly fast, their valuation is currently sitting at over 100x last years revenue.

Conclusion Artly represents a fascinating blend of technology and tradition, aiming to redefine the coffee industry. Investing in Artly may present an opportunity for those looking for an innovative, growing company. However, the risks involved should be carefully considered.

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute investment advice. It's always recommended to consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.


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