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Another Win For Equity Crowdfunding: Monogram Orthopedics Skyrockets Over 450% After IPO

Monogram Orthopedics IPO is looking like a winner for their over 20,000 retail investors

The recent slowdown in IPOs has resulted in relatively tough times for startup investors. Equity crowdfunding continues to struggle with its image as the "alternative to venture capital for startups that can't raise venture capital." Despite numerous instances proving this false, it will likely take a while to beat the stigma.

The way equity crowdfunding beats the stigma and continues to grow, however, is simple: More success stories. As investors make money, they have the chance to re-invest, it builds confidence in the system and brings in more investors looking to profit.

With the recent IPO of Monogram Orthopedics, we might have another one of those stories. As one of the largest raises ever conducted on StartEngine sitting at over 20,000 investors, the stock has performed well on its first week as a public company. The company IPOd at a price of $7.25, but immediately hit roughly $12 per share. Early Friday morning, the company hit highs of 450% overall growth to over $40 per share.

This means that those StartEngine investors (Of which I am one) are sitting on gains of over 1000% at the highs. Even as the company sees continued volatility, the company is sitting at a premium of all prior investment rounds and holding relatively strong.

The initial $23.7 million at a post-split share price of $3.76 invested in the company through StartEngine at $40 per share is worth over $252 million. For reference, there was only $189 million invested through StartEngine in 2022, meaning these large IPOs could result in a doubling of investment volume for investors.


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