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3 StartEngine Startups on Track To Make Some Everyday People Into Millionaires

Here are some of the most promising companies on StartEngine.

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StartEngine is all about the “big paydays.” You want to invest in, say, 10 companies and realistically if you can see a return from 3 of them you’re doing incredibly well. The idea, however, is seeing that one company that takes off and gives you a 100x return to pay for the rest AND gives a return. Here’s 3 of the top companies from the platform currently looking to do just that.

Atlis Motors

Atlis motors got seemingly pretty lucky with their timing and has generally risen to fame with the rise of the EV market. They make an all-electric truck and specifically tout the battery packs and drive trains that go along with them.

Atlis motors was one of StartEngine's earlier raises but arguably one of its most successful. The company initially raised on StartEngine at a price of just .29 cents but is currently raising at a price of $27.50. That’s nearly 100x gains for anyone that invested! For reference, an investment of just $1000 would now be worth nearly $100,000. While that’s not quite hitting the “millionaire” status, they are currently valued at roughly $2 billion dollars. This realistically isn’t that ridiculous, thanks to the recent EV surge and the likes of Tesla giving the entire industry a massive valuation multiple boost. For example, even after pulling back, Lucid is still worth nearly $30 billion. If Atlis is able to actually get some vehicles off the assembly line and into some people's driveways, then $20 billion would put them in line with many other similarly situated companies. That’d take that $1000 investment into a whopping $1 million.


Boxabl, for those that don’t know, is a company looking to produce homes straight out of the factory using automation. The idea is a ‘box’ that stacks together like legos to make a seemingly infinite combination of homes.

Boxabl actually did its first raise on Wefunder at a share price of just $.14 cents. It later went on StartEngine at a price of $.74 cents, did a 10 for 1 split, and re-launched on StartEngine at a price of $.80 cents. That puts the valuation of the company at $3 billion and the return at ~11x for StartEngine investors or 57x for people that got in on their earliest Wefunder. Either way, the returns have been astronomical for anyone involved. The company is already clearing tens of millions in revenue for 2022 and only ramping up. With Billions in pre-order demand and plans to finance a billion-dollar factory, there’s plenty of potential growth. Many of the largest players in the home building space are sitting at about $20–30 billion valuations, so they could pretty easily get to that level. However, Boxabl has better margins and can easily produce more output, so there’s plenty of room to run in my opinion. As well, they are more automation-focused and own tons of patents and several other favorable factors, so they might get a favorable multiple as well.

Nonetheless, getting to that $30 billion level would turn this into a 110x-570x investment for those early investors and turn $9100 into $1 million. For those early Wefunder investors, it’d take just $1750 to become a millionaire from your early Boxabl investment.


This is actually one of the smaller companies on this list, but currently incredibly promising. Piestro makes robotic pizza kiosks and recently partnered with 800 degrees kitchens in an $800 million deal. They actually launched a joint venture called “800 Degrees Go” under Piestro to carry this out, and that alone was raising funds at a valuation in the tens of millions.

Piestro’s first raise on StartEngine was at just $1.63 at a $6 million valuation. The company subsequently raised at a $12 million valuation and then later raised off the platform at a whopping $10.39 per share and ~70 million valuation. That means the earliest investors are sitting at just under 10x gains. However, Piestro has been continually announcing new partnerships and rollouts, so there are rumors of another raise launching well into the 9-figure range. Given all of the success from the company, their partnerships, the 800 Degrees deal, and the fact that this is a robotics company, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a valuation that big either.

If the company ended up hitting the lauded “unicorn status” don't the road, then those early investors would be sitting on about 150x gains, however. That would mean it’d only take an investment of about $6,600 to become a millionaire once the company hits Unicorn status.

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