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AtomBeam Community, AtomBeam has just locked in another partnership with the platform that is a big player in internet of things (IoT) deployments - Crosser. Their software ties all of the machines together for factories, agriculture and much else, and now AtomBeam is just a simple drag and click option in their setup. This is BIG. Crosser’s platform is used by many big companies, and now AtomBeam Compaction is just a click and drag option for their customers. Crosser sees Compaction as a way they can sell their platform to companies that have to have low connectivity cost. We just got ourselves another sales force! Crosser connects IoT assets to an ecosystem of applications, making it easy to integrate real time data into existing business processes, and to monitor and analyze what is going on. They are leaders in this fast growing space. Our first joint webinar is on the 25th. Here is the…

Caleb Naysmith

I see lot of people negative comments about Start Engine, I feels these guys don't have clear understanding of the Value of Start Engine ownership.

Today is a payday for start engine as Atlis Motor Vehicles IPO and after market price makes start engine valuation go up higher, the Atlis motors raised money twice on start engine once in 2019 and 2020. I believe each time start engine got 2% shares for the raise.

In the next 3-4 years, SE will see unicorns from their platform, that itself raise SE valuation multiple times.

Caleb Naysmith

What is your thoughts on Mileberry,

their valuation is very reasonable at $7 millions, asking share price $7.00

20% discount available for general investors, SE owners get 30%.

Business Model is more in line of future generation needs.

Caleb Naysmith

Update on Fanbase

Fanbase started a 3rd raise on the start engine.

Current Valuation $84.9 millions

Share Price $3.95 (after a forward split 1- 3.5= it gives us current valuation $13.82 per share rough estimate)

Caleb Naysmith


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