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Understanding the Value of a Point in the Lottery: Exploring North and South Vietnam

Online lottery is a form of entertainment and gambling that offers players the chance to win big. However, understanding how much one point in the lottery is worth when playing online is not something everyone grasps, especially newcomers. In this article, win tips bet will help you understand how to calculate points in the lottery and the amount you receive when you win.

One Point in the Lottery: Calculating Winnings in North Vietnam Traditional Northern Vietnamese lottery, known as "đề," has long been known for its payout ratio of 1:70. This means that if you bet one unit, you win 70 units if you're successful. This payout ratio has been established based on the probability of winning and has been in place for a long time.

However, the payout ratio for online lottery games at W88 sport bookmaker tends to be more favorable, and the convenience and security of playing lottery online prompt many players to shift from traditional methods. In lottery games, the common practice is to use points, where one point equals 23,000 Vietnamese dong. This amount may vary slightly depending on the bookmaker and the player's relationship. With a payout ratio of 23:80, winning one point in the lottery means investing 23,000 dong to receive 80,000 dong in return.

Understanding combination bets, such as "xiên" in the Northern region, adds another layer of complexity to lottery betting. While these bets offer higher payout ratios compared to single number bets, players must grasp the intricacies of these wagers to make informed decisions.

In the Northern region, "xiên" bets come in different forms: "xiên 2," "xiên 3," and "xiên 4," each with its own payout ratio. A "xiên 2" bet pays out at 1:10, meaning that for every unit wagered, the player stands to win ten units if successful. Similarly, a "xiên 3" bet offers a payout ratio of 1:40, while a "xiên 4" bet boasts a lucrative ratio of 1:100.

While these payout ratios may seem enticing, players must recognize that larger payouts don't necessarily equate to better odds. In fact, combination bets typically involve a higher degree of risk due to the need for multiple numbers to align for a successful outcome. This means that even though the potential winnings may be substantial, the probability of winning diminishes with each additional number added to the bet.

Moreover, understanding the conditions for winning combination bets is paramount. For instance, in "xiên" bets, the selected numbers must appear in specific positions relative to each other to qualify for a payout. Failure to adhere to these conditions can result in a loss, regardless of how many numbers are correct.

Therefore, while combination bets offer the allure of significant winnings, they also require a deeper understanding of the game and careful consideration of the associated risks. Players should weigh the potential rewards against the likelihood of success before committing to such bets, ensuring that they approach lottery betting with both excitement and prudence.

Calculating One Point in the Lottery in South Vietnam The value of one point in the lottery in the Southern region differs from the North. In Southern Vietnam, one point is worth 18,000 dong, which is lower than in the North. However, the payout ratio remains the same, with one point yielding 80,000 dong. This makes the potential winnings in the Southern lottery more appealing compared to the Northern counterpart.

In cases where a player hits two "nháy," or wins twice, the winnings are doubled in both the North and South regions.

For example, when bundling bets for two regions, one point in the lottery may be worth 14,400 to 16,000 dong, resulting in winnings ranging from 75,000 to 80,000 dong. Similarly, bundling bets for three regions may cost 13,600 dong per point, with winnings reaching 650,000 dong. Finally, for bundling bets for four regions, one point may cost 12,800 dong, with winnings of up to 5,500,000 dong for each point.

For combination bets, such as "xiên," the calculations are as follows:

For "xiên 2," one point costs 29,000 dong, with potential winnings of 650,000 dong.

For "xiên 3," one point costs 43,000 dong, with potential winnings of 3,500,000 dong.

For "xiên 4," one point costs 57,000 dong, with potential winnings of 10,000,000 dong.

Players can easily see that the payout ratios for lottery bets in Southern Vietnam are higher than those in the North, explaining why many prefer to bet in the South.

However, it's essential to note that there are fewer prizes in the Southern lottery than in the Northern lottery, resulting in lower winning odds.


The above information provides a detailed guide on how much one point in the lottery is worth in both Northern and Southern Vietnam. This knowledge is essential when participating in online lottery games and helps players avoid being shortchanged by bookmakers. Explore more knowledge and experience in playing the lottery to enhance your effectiveness at best betting sites malaysia W88.


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